Aquinas Institute for the Study of Sacred Doctrine 2010 in Wyoming

This in, from Peter Kwasniewski:

The Aquinas Institute for the Study of Sacred Doctrine, founded by John Mortensen (recent recipient of a pontifical award), Jeremy Holmes, and Peter Kwasniewski, will be conducting its third annual Summer Program from May 24th to July 16th, 2010, in the town of Lander, Wyoming.  The theme of this summer is “Man on Pilgrimage to God: The Prima Secundae of the Summa theologiae.”  Serious students of Catholic theology: consider joining us as we plumb the depths of the Angelic Doctor’s most profound general treatment of moral theology, including the ultimate end of human life, the definition of the moral act in all its components, the concupiscible and irascible passions of the soul, the structure of the virtues both natural and supernatural, the goal of heroic sanctity put forth in the beatitudes, the gracious gifts of the Holy Spirit, law in its magnificent range of analogous forms (human, natural, eternal, revealed), and supernatural grace, the very foundation of specifically Christian morals.  In this eight-week summer program we will read nearly every treatise in the Prima Secundae — a rare and enviable opportunity to see the whole domain of morality as the Church’s greatest theologian conceived it.

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