Beta versions of Thomas's Summa and NT scriptural commentaries

The people behind The Opera Omnia Project are working on a number of translations of Thomas's works, including recent printings of the Summa theologiae and Thomas's New Testament commentaries. To that end they have constructed a web application that they use to create the English translations, entering them side-by-side with the Latin text. Jeremy Holmes, on the contributors, graciously provided me with the URL to this web app, encouraging me and others to peruse it—provided we all take note that it is in beta. Hope on over to and take it for a spin. As this time the Summa and the NT Biblical commentaries are online.

In an e-mail Dr Holmes also provided an update on what the Project has been doing of late:

  • We are almost done with the Supplementum and it will go to the printer soon.
  • The translation of the Commentary on Sentences IV is progressing nicely, due to a grant from the NEH.
  • We currently have a team of twelve translators and editors, along with five staff, working on the Opera Omnia project. 
  • We welcome any translating, editing or programming help!  Our software development is aimed at making cooperative work on all of this possible.
  • Funding has been slow. As soon as a work pulls ahead in funding (see the vote-with-your-dollar setup at, we put it at the top of the list and focus on it. We are still accepting donations of $5,000 to have names listed in the acknowledgements page of the entire Opera Omnia.

Perhaps those who work at institutions with libraries capable of making standing orders might want to press for one for this worthy project.