Welcome to the new Thomistica.net

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Welcome to the updated thomistica.net . We've moved our content from an earlier—and admittedly older—platform to the new squarespace.com version 6, a platform designed from the ground-up to render gracefully on desktop computers, tablets (e.g., iPad), and smartphones (iPhones, Galaxy, and so on). We hope that you will like the news aesthetics and functionality.

We've come a long way since the original thomistica.net from November of 2004, at which time the website was the labor of one person and was lucky to get 10 visitors a week, to today, when we have upwards of twenty contributors and often 200 visitors a day , from all over the world. Thanks for your interest and support.

What's new? 

Some things are new, while other things are gone. To begin with, aside from the now-essential "responsiveness," the site sports two blogs, a News and a Commentary blog. The first blog informs our visitors about conferences, books, and other tidbits of information that may prove useful. The second is dedicated to more direct encounter of philosophical and theological doctrine of Aquinas, either as regarding the understanding of Thomas, or his application to contemporary issues and events. Long-time visitors to the site will remember that such doctrinal posts were included in our single "News" section; we've decided to break this off into its own section. So if you're less concerned with news than you are commentary about Aquinas, bookmark the Commentary section, and point your favorite RSS reader (e.g., Feedly) to: http://thomistica.net/commentary, and you'll be off to the races. If by contrast you're a news-junkie, then bookmark http://thomistica.net/news and you're good to go.

We also now have a twitter feed (@thomistica), and if you follow us you'll be notified in your twitter feed about a new post on the site. Head over to http://twitter.com/thomistica and follow us.  News and Commentary contributors will find major improvements in the editing and posting features of the site.

Some things are no longer with us, because they're either not available on the new platform of never really took off to our visitors' benefit (the Forum feature of the previous site was one such casualty).

We've kept some past translations as well as photo-albums (always looking for more, there), and will add features if they are useful to our readership.  The site steadfastly remains under the sponsorship of Ave Maria University's Aquinas Center.

Any comments, suggestions, or querellae ? Let us know.

Thanks to all for their interest and support.