Saint Thomas & Eschatology in Toulouse

A symposium, “Saint Thomas et l’Eschatologie,” sponsored by the Revue Thomiste and the Institut Saint-Thomas d’Aquin in Toulouse, France, will take place April 24-25, 2015. The event will feature over a dozen presenters (full disclosure: including moi) from institutions of higher learning in France, the United States, Belgium, Italy, and Israel.

Albertus Magnus Summer Course Registration

All lovers of St. Thomas, his theological school and method, and his way of life should take note of this wonderful (and pretty affordable -- 675 Euro, ca. $728) summer opportunity based in Norcia, Italy, home of the Benedictine monks who sing beautifully and make a killer beer.

The 2015 Albert the Great Summer Program will take place this summer from July 12th-25th. The theme for the 2015 Summer Program is St. Paul's First Epistle to the Corinthians. We will be undertaking a thorough reading of the Letter, following St. Thomas's commentary upon the epistle as our guide. The Epistle offers the opportunity to explore in depth the subject of grace as it is found principally in the sacraments. In particular, St. Paul's letter focusses on the sacraments of Baptism, Matrimony, and the Eucharist, and so participants will gain a greater understanding not only of these sacraments, but also an understanding of how grace works through the sacraments so as to order man to his end.

Calendar and Schedule

May 16. Deadline for applications for 2015 Summer Program. 200 Euro deposit due upon acceptance.

June 1. Deadline for remainder of payment for 2015 Summer Program.

July 12. Sun. Arrival Day.
July 13. Mon. Normal Program Schedule.
July 14. Tues. Normal Program Schedule.
July 15. Wed. Normal Program Schedule.
July 16. Thur. Optional Excursion (Location to be announced).
July 17. Fri. Normal Program Schedule.
July 18. Sat. Normal Program Schedule.
July 19. Sun. Optional Excursion to Cascia.

July 20. Mon. Normal Program Schedule.
July 21. Tues. Normal Program Schedule.
July 22. Wed. Modified Program Schedule.
July 23. Thur. Modified Program Schedule.
July 24. Fri. Optional Excursion to Rome.
July 25. Sat. Optional Excursion to Rome.
July 26. Sun. Departure Day.

Normal Program Schedule

06:00-06:45. Lauds.
07:00-08:15. Breakfast.
08:30-09:45. Seminar 1.
10:00-11:00. Holy Mass.
11:30-12:30. Lecture.
12:45-14:15. Lunch.
14:30-15:45. Seminar 2.
16:00-17:15. Open for reading, etc.
17:30-18:15. Vespers.
18:30-19:30. Dinner.
19:45-20:00. Compline.

For more detailed information, visit

Aquinas, metaphysics, and morals at NYU

The Thomistic Institute of the Pontifical Faculty of the Immaculate Conception is sponsoring a conference entitled "Aquinas on Metaphysics and Morals" at the Catholic Center of New York University on April 18. Papers will be given by Reinhard Hütter, John O'Callaghan, Eleonore Stump, and Candace Vogler. You can find more information here.

December 2015 conference in Utrecht: call for papers

In from Harm Goris is news of a December, 2015 conference in Utrecht on "The Virtuous Life: Thomas Aquinas on the theological nature of moral virtues." The conference takes place from 16–19 December 2015, and abstract submissions are due by June 1, 2015. Here's a short scrape from the conference's site:

The teachings of the moral part of Thomas Aquinas’ Summa Theologiae continue to inspire and to enlighten theologians and ethicists. Especially for those who are interested in a specifically Christian account of human moral and spiritual life, Aquinas’ ethical investigations in the Summa are an inexhaustible source. In his rich and detailed treatment of both the moral and the theological virtues, however, Aquinas fails to explain unambiguously to what extent the Christian faith determines human moral life. As a result, this topic is the subject of an ongoing debate in the literature.

For more information on this excellent opportunity, go to the conference's website.

The Critical Leonine Edition of Aquinas's "Sermones" is Now Complete!

On March 20th, 2015, the Leonine Commission will celebrate the release of the next critical edition of Aquinas's opera omnia. The celebration will take the form of a day-long conference in Rome which will include presentations by members of the Commission who participated in the preparation of the volume. For more information click here.