New Book: Aquinas and the Theology of the Body

New Book: <i>Aquinas and the Theology of the Body</i>

As the seventh volume of their Thomistic Ressourcement series, Catholic University Press has recently published Aquinas and the Theology of the Body: The Thomistic Foundations of John Paul II's Anthropology by Fr. Thomas Petri, O.P. 

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New Book! Thomas Aquinas: A Historical and Philosophical Profile

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Many authors have noted developments in Aquinas’ thought over the years. As early as 1280, for instance, a number of Dominicans wrote a work called Articuli in quibus frater Thomas melius in Summa quam in Scriptis locutus est, which documented 32 times Aquinas changed his mind on various topics by comparing the two SummasIn this masterful work of Pasquale Porro, however, changes from the whole Thomistic corpus are documented and traced chronologically. The reader is also provided with both the historical context of the developments in Aquinas' thought and an incisive analysis of the implications and influence such developments have on contemporary discussions. It has been translated from the Italian for CUA Press by Joseph Trabbic and Roger Nutt.