Open Digital Access to Louvain and Laval Philosophy and Theology Journals

I may have been the last person in the world to stumble upon this. But maybe there are still a few people out there who share my ignorance. The French site Persée is an open access depository for a huge number of digitized French-language scholarly journals. readers may be particularly interested to know that this includes all the issues between 1894 and 2001 of the Revue Philosophique de Louvain. You may know that the Revue went by different names over the years: from 1894 to 1909 it was known as the Revue néo-scholastique and from 1910 to 1940 it was known as the Revue néo-scholastique de philosophie. The articles are available in both HTML and PDF formats.

The French-Canadian site Érudit, sponsored by the Université de Montréal, the Université Laval, and the Université du Québec à Montréal, is a depository similar to Persée. In fact, the two sites link to each other. Among the journals offered by Érudit is Laval théologique et philosophique. All the issues between 1977 and 2009 can be accessed for free. The 2010 and 2011 issues require a subscription. Although I have not taken the time to confirm it, I assume that there is a two-year “moving wall” of access for the journal. In other words, a year from now there should be open access through 2010 but the 2011 and 2012 issues will require a scubscription, and so on. The articles on Érudit seem only to be available in PDF format.