British Newspaper Carries Series on Aquinas

This is quite interesting. The Guardian, Britain’s third largest paper, has been carrying a series on Aquinas’s life and thought. The author of the series is Tina Beattie, who is a professor of Catholic studies at Roehampton University in London. So far there have been three weekly installments. The first, which bears the provocative subtitle “Rediscovering a Father of Modernity,” appeared on Jan. 30. The second, which deals with the topic “The Mind as Soul,” came out on Feb. 6, and the third, dealing with the topic “Scripture, Reason, and the Being of God,” came out this past Monday, Feb. 13. Beattie says that next week’s article will be on “the universe of created beings.”

I have not had a chance to read the three pieces now online, so I’ll reserve judgment about their content for the moment, but it’s great to see that even after seven centuries the Angelic Doctor is still newsworthy. And the series has been popular too. There were 470 comments on the first article, 201 on the second, and 229 so far on the third.