New journal: American Theological Inquiry

Got the following in this morning’s e-mail:


A Biannual Journal of Theology, Philosophy of Religion, Culture, & History (forthcoming: January 15, 2008).

Particular topics of interest include:

  • (Orthodox, Catholic, Protestant, Reformed, or Evangelical) Perspectives on the Current State of American Christianity.
  • Current theological/philosophical trends in the Western world.
  • Cultural/philosophical apologetics.
  • Ecumenism and/or criticism of other traditions (ostensively) within the scope of ancient orthodoxy (Creedal Christianity)
  • Systematic theology.
  • Perspectives on history/historical events from an orthodox viewpoint.
  • Engaging contemporary culture with the gospel.
  • Engagement with the Patristical literature.

Please visit: for SUBMISSION GUIDELINES and additional information about the Journal.

Thanks to private funding, access to American Theological Inquiry is FREE. The Journal will be published in a PDF format, biannually, on January and July 15th.

As ATI prepares for its first edition on January, 15, 2008, we welcome the suggestions, ideas, and feedback of the American community of Christian scholars. To provide feedback to the Journal, please follow this link.

It may be something of a stretch to post it here, but the journal might be a place for a Thomist to say something interesting. I’d rather be too thorough. Those who submit articles are also asked explicitly to affirm their adherence to the four early creeds.

(Sotto voce: I’ve been meaning to think about ecclesial community, its creeds, and its sacred texts; maybe I’ll put together a post on my personal web site…).