Gonet on Bellarmine Text

Does anyone know if Gonet is right that the German Jesuits inserted the disparaging remarks on Thomism in Bellarmine's De libero arbitrio I.12?   Gonet discusses this in the Apologia Thomistarum, art. 6, nn. 97-98.  First, changes to the text by German Jesuits are brought up in the life of Bellarmine by Fuligatus and Sylvester a Petra Sancta.  Second, there is a discrepancy between the 1593 Lyons edition and the 1608 Paris edition.  Third, as the text stands, Bellarmine seems to contradict himself later in l4. 16.  The texts are online, but I don't know if someone since then might have addressed or discussed the issue.  Is it plausible?