New Encyclical on Faith

I just read the new encyclical on faith.  Although it is not aimed at a philosophically or theologically sophisticated audience, it has some material that is worth thinking about in the light of St. Thomas and Thomism.  For instance, there is some discussion of the “light of faith” and the rationality of religious belief.  For more on this issue, a good place to look is Romanus Cessario’s Christian Faith and Theological Life, Chapter 2.  For more detailed treatments, Santiago Ramirez’ commentary on the discussion of faith in the Secunda Secundae (De Fide Divina) is one of the best presentations of faith written in the twentieth century.  You can get it here:  Furthermore, in my view Garrigou-Lagrange’s De Revelatione is in some ways more important than Garrigou-Lagrange’s own commentary on faith in the Secundae Secundae.