New book on Aquinas's philosophy by Stephen Brock

Stephen L. Brock, professor of medieval philosophy at the Pontificia Università della Santa Croce in Rome, has just published a book entitled The Philosophy of Saint Thomas Aquinas: A Sketch. Here is the book description from Cascade Books (an imprint of Wipf and Stock):

If Saint Thomas Aquinas was a great theologian, it is in no small part because he was a great philosopher. And he was a great philosopher because he was a great metaphysician. In the twentieth century, metaphysics was not much in vogue, among either theologians or even philosophers; but now it is making a comeback, and once the contours of Thomas's metaphysical vision are glimpsed, it looks like anything but a museum piece. It only needs some dusting off. Many are studying Thomas now for the answers that he might be able to give to current questions, but he is perhaps even more interesting for the questions that he can raise regarding current answers: about the physical world, about human life and knowledge, and (needless to say) about God. This book is aimed at helping those who are not experts in medieval thought to begin to enter into Thomas's philosophical point of view. Along the way, it brings out some aspects of his thought that are not often emphasized in the current literature, and it offers a reading of his teaching on the divine nature that goes rather against the drift of some prominent recent interpretations.

This sounds like an important new contribution. Personally, I am looking forward to seeing what in Brock's reading of Aquinas's teaching on the divine nature goes "against the drift of some prominent recent interpretations."

You can find out more information and purchase Brock's book here or here.

Dewan Project in Spanish produces more publications

Under the editorship of Liliana Irizar, the “Dewan Project in Spanish” has borne fruit in the form of two distinct books.

  1. Santo Tomás y la Forma como algo Divino en las Cosas is a Spanish translation of Fr Dewan’s 2007 Saint Thomas and Form as Something Divine (Milwaukee, WI: Marquette University Press, 2007). Ilizar’s volume is a coedition between Sergio Arboleda University (Bogatà) and Dominican University College (Ottawa). See the volume’s cover here.
  2. Lecciones de Metafísica II Tomo I: Sobre la Existencia de Dios is also a Spanish translation of many of Dewan’s articles concerning God. This volume is a coedition of the Sergio Arboleda University (Bogotá) and Universidad del Norte Santo Tomás de Aquino (Argentina). See its cover here.

The latter carries an Introduction that I wrote, mirroring its predecessor, for which Fr Stephen L. Brock wrote the Introduction.

¡Get your Spanish on! Big things are happening in South American Thomism.