New Volume From Fr. Richard Schenk, OP

The latest offering from Sapientia Press of Ave Maria University, published this past April, is a compilation of essays on St. Thomas and his theology from Fr. Richard Schenk, OP, of the Western Dominican Province. Soundings in the History of a Hope: New Studies on Thomas Aquinas, the newest installment in the Faith & Reason series, seeks to undertake the beginnings of a retrieval of Thomistic thought in order to put it at the service of the Church today. The essays range from an examination of the role and task of Thomism in the Church today, to a study of the axiom of nature and grace in St. Thomas, to a treatment of the present significance of Aquinas' teaching on the question of sacrifice.

Fr. Schenk sums up the purpose of the volume in his Preface:

The essays gathered in this volume do not intend to revolutionize the common view of Thomas Aquinas that became conventional a good while ago and still lingers for many of his admirers and detractors. Neither do they seek to repeat it....These studies do intend to use the recollection of his uneven reception together with the new historical sources and tools that have become available in the last 150 years to explore, connect, and deepen here and there our sense of Thomas in the context of his own time and to receive what was most programmatic about Thomas himself for many - of course not for all - of the problems most pressing today. (vii)

Fr. Schenk's new book promises to be a helpful resource for Thomistic scholars in engaging contemporary issues in theology and society at large.

Enjoy a 20% Discount on All Books Published by Sapientia Press of Ave Maria University

Several weeks ago I made a post about the new relationship between Sapientia Press of Ave Maria University and The Catholic University of America Press.  Yesterday CUA Press released the following, which details a 20% discount that is now available on all Sapientia Press books for the entire month of May:


The Catholic University of America Press is pleased to announce that we are taking on the distribution functions for Sapientia Press of Ave Maria University.  

Sapientia Press exists to foster the academic mission of Ave Maria University and produce scholarly books aimed at enhancing and promoting Catholic scholarship. 

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CUA Press to Distribute Sapientia Press of Ave Maria University's Books

The Catholic University of America Press recently announced that it has taken over the distribution responsibilities for the volumes published by Sapientia Press of Ave Maria University.  Sapientia Press publishes a series of theological texts, Introduction to Catholic Doctrine, and a broader series, Faith and Reason: Studies in Catholic Theology and Philosophy. The Faith and Reason series includes a number of important and substantial works in Thomistic Philosophy and Theology, including: Steven Long’s The Teological Grammar of the Moral Act, Lawrence Feingold’s The Natural Desire to See God According to St. Thomas Aquinas and His Interpreters; Wisdom in the Face of Modernity: A Study in Thomistic Natural Theology by Fr. Thomas Joseph White, O.P.; Surnaturel: A Controversy at the Heart of Twentieth-Century Thomistic Thought edited by Serge-Thomas Bonino, O.P.; two volumes by Fr. Gilles Emery, O.P.; two volumes by Bishop Charles Morerod, O.P.; and a collection of essays by the late Fr. Benedict Ashley, O.P., The Ashley Reader: Redeeming Reason.

The press release issued by CUA Press reads as follows:

This spring CUA Press will become the distributer for titles published by Sapientia Press, the academic publishing house of Ave Maria University.

As a publisher of books aimed at enhancing and promoting Catholic scholarship, Sapientia Press and CUA Press have similar missions.

“We are delighted to take on the distribution functions for Sapientia Press. Their books —including titles by such well-known authors as Cardinal Avery Dulles and Alice von Hildebrand — show the same commitment to high-quality scholarship and are in the same subject areas as those of the CUA Press,” said Trevor Lipscombe, director of CUA Press.

“We look forward to disseminating Sapientia titles worldwide, enabling them to reach new audiences and thus increase their role in the New Evangelization.”

In explaining the advantages of partnering with other academic presses in this way, Brian Roach, marketing manager for CUA Press says, “we have a similar distribution agreement with two other presses — the American Maritain Association and the Institute for Psychological Sciences.

“With worldwide distribution and independent sales reps as well as a continually expanding presence in the digital space, CUA Press is well positioned to publicize and promote the valuable scholarship produced by these smaller presses, and give them entrée to markets that they would have trouble entering on their own.”

Created in 1939, CUA Press is Catholic University’s academic publishing house and a founding member of the Association of American University Presses. It publishes scholarly works and serious studies of general interest in history (ecclesiastical and secular), literature and languages, philosophy, political theory, and theology. The press publishes 40 new titles annually and is widely recognized for the publication of the Fathers of the Church series.