Mandonnet Texts Online

Two important texts of Pierre Mandonnet are available for free in digital form via the Internet Archive: Des écrits authentiques de S. Thomas d’Aquin (1910) and Bibliographie thomiste (1921). Obviously, these texts have been surpassed in many ways by more up-to-date scholarship but they still have their uses. Some evidence for this is the fact that Des écrits authentiques de S. Thomas d’Aquin has been downloaded 157 times and Bibliographie thomiste has been downloaded 292 times.

The texts are available in several formats, including PDF and Kindle. 

Mandonnet-Moos edition of Sentences commentary on-line

Thomas’s commentary on Peter Lombard’s Sentences is online in searchable PDF format (thanks to the SIEPM site for this information), which you can download via the following four links: 

  1. In I Sent. (PDF)
  2. In II Sent. (PDF)
  3. In III Sent. (PDF)
  4. In IV Sent. (PDF)

This is the edition attempted—never fully completed, alas (bk 4 goes only up to distinction 22)—by Pierre Madonnet and Fabien Moos (Paris: 1927-1947). Still, getting this edition for one’s personal library was the pearl of great price when I was in graduate school in the 1980’s.

Note: the file sizes are daunting (~50 MB each).