Call for papers: Scotus's logic and natural theology in medieval Judaism

Here is the notice from PhilPapers:

The Society for Medieval Logic and Metaphysics is inviting submissions for two volumes (volume 12:1 and volume 12:2), planned for Spring 2015 in our series with Cambridge Scholars Publishing (Gyula Klima and Alex Hall eds.) The deadline for submissions for either volume is December 31, 2013.

Volume 12:1 – The Logic of John Duns Scotus

Volume 12:2 – Natural Theology in Medieval Judaism

Submissions should be sent to Alexander Hall at

Summer NEH Seminar on Free Will in Medieval Jewish Philosophy

From Jonathan Jacobs (Colgate University [Faculty Page]):

I want to bring to your attention a National Endowment for the Humanities Summer Seminar taking place in 2010. The topic is “Free Will and Human Perfection in Medieval Jewish Philosophy.” I will be directing the five-week seminar, beginning on June 27 and concluding on July 31. I invite you to apply to be a participant. There will be a total of sixteen participants, which may include up to two graduate students. It is not necessary to be a specialist in the seminar’s topical area or even to be in the discipline of Philosophy. Our main aim is to have an engaged, energetic group, exploring the issues in depth. This should help the participants to develop their own scholarship and curricular plans. Applicants may come from Philosophy, Religious Studies, Medieval Studies, Theology, Jewish Studies, and other areas. The focus will be on philosophical topics and texts but the treatment of them should prove to be valuable and interesting to scholar/teachers in many fields.

Jonathan Jacobs, Richard J. and Jean Head Professor of Philosophy,
Director, Center for the Arts &
Humanities, Colgate University

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