Latin (and Greek) Immersion at Ave Maria University, Summer 2013

The below is from Dr. Bradley Ritter of The Department of Classics and Early Christian Literature at Ave Maria University:

Looking to accelerate your Latin and translate the work of memorization into ready comprehension? Learn to speak Latin as a foundation for more fluent reading ability by participating in the Summer Latin Intensive course at Ave Maria University this summer from Monday June 17th - Saturday July 6th, 2013.

The course uses a methodology tailored to teach Latin as a spoken language, reintroducing you to Classical Latin through the development of a spoken vocabulary, communicative exchange, and comprehension of simple narratives. Careful attention is given to detailed training in grammar, but the end result is a vastly improved ability to read Latin. The course runs three weeks with two excursions on Saturdays conducted entirely in Latin. 

It is ideally suited to students who have already studied the language for one to three years, but who want to improve their reading skills dramatically through practice in the active use of Latin. Participants will be given the chance to develop their speaking and comprehension skills through formal classroom work and in settings outside of class, including field trips. Students are strongly encouraged to speak Latin exclusively with one another and with the instructor for the duration of the course. Discussion of complex grammatical points will occasionally require the use of English in the classroom, but only as need dictates.

While the course is suitable for college students and even advanced high-school students in their first three years of Latin, beginners are encouraged to contact us.  

A Koine Greek course is also being offered by Dr. Christophe Rico, author of Polis, a textbook designed to teach Koine Greek as a spoken language. The Greek course is being offered Thursday June 13th - Wednesday July 3rd, 2013. 

The deadline for registration for either course is June 1.  

Visit for more details or contact Dr. Bradley Ritter at