Joseph Clifford Fenton's book on sacred theology back in print

Last November I posted on the new "Thomist Tradition" series being launched by Cluny Media under the editorial direction of Cajetan Cuddy, OP. The purpose of the series, as its page at the Cluny Media site states, is to "make available the key texts of figures—both classic and contemporary, major and minor—who rightly claim membership in the living tradition which bears the intellectual imprint of their master, Thomas."

Last year, the first volume in the series was released: T.C. O'Brien's Metaphysics and the Existence of God. After making due for several years with PDF files of the original three articles from The Thomist, I was thrilled that a hard copy was being re-issued and I bought it right away.

Hot off the presses we now have Joseph Clifford Fenton's What is Sacred Theology? Fenton's book, which was first published in 1941, was originally titled The Concept of Sacred Theology and was the doctoral dissertation he wrote under the direction of Garrigou-Lagrange. You can get it here.

I should mention that the books that are being re-issued in the "Thomist Tradition" series aren't simply re-prints of the originals. A note on the series page states that each re-issue includes:

  • A new introduction that explains the book’s original historical and speculative context and outlines its enduring relevance to contemporary questions and disputes.
  • Extensive editorial review and certain footnotes that highlight, explain, and clarify themes and passages of particular significance.

This is an admirable initiative. I hope you'll check it out for yourself and pick up copies of the great O'Brien and Fenton books while you're at it.

New book series: The Thomist Tradition

A link at Ed Feser's blog today alerted me to an exciting new initiative. Cluny Media, which I'm learning about for the first time, is launching a new book series entitled "The Thomist Tradition." According to the series page at Cluny Media's website, the series "conveys a dual conviction":

1. The thought of St. Thomas Aquinas contains an incomparable fullness of wisdom.

2. The writings of the Thomists who followed him play a necessary role in mediating his wisdom to subsequent generations.

This is great! The series editor is the estimable Cajetan Cuddy, OP. Here's a list of currently available and forthcoming titles:

T.C. O'Brien, Metaphysics and the Existence of God (now available)

Joseph Clifford Fenton, The Concept of Sacred Theology (Christmas 2017)

Thomas U. Mullaney and Walter R. Farrell, Natural Law and Human Freedom: Thomistic Investigations (July 2018)

Reginald Garrigou-Lagrange, The Eucharist (a new translation of De Eucharistia) (Christmas 2018)

Reginald Garrigou-Lagrange, The Theological Virtues (a new translation of De Virtutibus Theologicis) (Christmas 2018)

I encourage you to check this out for yourself. I wish Fr. Cajetan's project every success!