Henry's books, catalog 7: Philosophy, Theology, and Medieval

My guy, Henry Stachyra, keeps growing his bookselling business, Henry’s Books, and has released catalog 7 of his holdings. Swing on over to his website to forage through the catalog in a bid to be prepared this fall.

Henry's Books

Henry Stachyra of Stillwater, Minnesota, worked for many years at Thomas Loome’s famous Loome’s Theological Booksellers. He now has his own bookselling company, Henry’s Books (link), which includes a collection of Aquinas texts (link) as well as one devoted to Thomism (link). Here is his site’s self-description:

Our specialties include TheologyPhilosophyMedieval and Patristic StudiesGreco-Roman and Judaica Studies and all related subject areas.  In addition to these categories, we also have a general selection to choose from.  We have 16 years of experience in buying and selling scholarly books in North America and abroad.

Go and check out this impressive young enterprise…