Hugon's textbook on cosmology now in English translation

An English translation of Édouard Hugon, O.P.’s Cosmologia is now available from Editiones Scholasticae. The translation is the work of Francisco Romero Carrasquillo, an associate professor of philosophy at the Universidad Panamericana in Guadalajara, Mexico, who also runs the blog Ite ad Thomam. The translation of the Cosmologia is the first fruit of the larger IAT Translation Project, a noble undertaking that I plan to write a separate post about soon.

The Cosmologia is part of Hugon’s Cursus Philosophiae Thomisticae, published between 1902 and 1907. The Cursus is divided into a Logica, a Philosophia Naturalis, and a Metaphysica. The Philosophia Naturalis is, in turn, divided into two parts: the Cosmologia and the Biologia et Psychologia.

Hugon was a colleague of Garrigou-Lagrange (who esteemed him highly) at the Angelicum in Rome, where he taught from 1909 until his death in 1929. Hugon wrote numerous books and articles but is probably best known for his contribution to the elaboration of the so-called “twenty-four Thomistic theses” promulgated by the Sacred Congregation of Studies in 1914. In the early 1920s he wrote a commentary on the Thomistic theses in a series of four articles in the Revue Thomiste.