New bilingual ebooks of Aquinas's works

Readers at this site are familiar with the big, blue, hardbound editions of Aquinas's works coming out from The Aquinas Institute.  While everyone has loved the beautiful books, some people have said it would be great if they could put the Aquinas Institute volumes on a Kindle or a Nook and bring them on trips.

In response, The Aquinas Institute has brought out a new line of eBooks. Each eBook matches one of their printed volumes, and if your e-reader permits it you can even see what page of the printed volume you are viewing. And just like the printed volumes, the eBooks are bilingual, meaning that you can toggle back and forth between Latin and English. See the video below for a demonstration. 

In many readers, you can load a Latin dictionary, and then tap and hold on a word to look it up. You can take notes, search, bookmark, and anything else your reader allows. The new bilingual Aquinas eBooks are available from Amazon, iBooks, Nook, and pretty much anywhere you find eBooks for sale. 

Each eBook costs $5.99. If you prefer a static PDF to a reflowable eBook, the bilingual layout found in the printed books is also available through Web PDF providers like Microsoft Books for $12.99.

As of this writing, only the Summa Theologiae is available in eBook form, but more volumes are soon to come. Please send feedback to The Aquinas Institute. This is a new approach to eBooks for the serious student.