A new approach to accessing Aquinas online

In addition to publishing hardbound, bilingual editions of Aquinas's works, the Aquinas Institute makes all of its publications available online for free at aquinas.cc.  While texts of Aquinas have been available online in Latin here or in English there in various ways, the Aquinas Institute text viewer is worth exploring.

Did you know that Aquinas mentions Ambrose 278 times in the Summa?  Or that his commentary on the Letter to the Hebrews is a particularly rich source for angelology? It only takes a few keystrokes to pull up what you need.  At aquinas.cc, you can:

  • Navigate quickly between works,
  • Search in either English or Latin,
  • Share a link to a particular paragraph,
  • And more.

The text viewer was originally created for Aquinas Institute translators and editors, so it has more robust features than your average text viewer.  Check out the tutorial video below for details.