Some notes from Fr Dewan

My notes from 1984-85 from Fr Dewan.

It was my blessing to have studied for seven years with Fr Lawrence Dewan in Toronto, from 1983–1990. In 1985 and many times thereafter I had a class with him on various themes in St. Thomas (intellect and will, creation, the person, form and being, creation, the Posterior Analytics), and of course any Nachlass from those classes is dear to me.

The other day, while I was hunting down a reference in Leonine volume 40/D-E, a small page fell out, containing the notes I took from some session or other with Fr Dewan in late 1984 (or more likely 1985), having to do with creation. Since I've been on a digitizing kick in my own workflow (hoping to have fewer items in my office and world, and to make them more distributable), I scanned the page, and present it here for any and all who want it.

Wouldn't it be great it these notes helped someone out who is working away on a paper or dissertation? Here is a PDF version of the page, and here is a TIFF version (high res). Sorry for the faint writing; back then I championed light pencils!