Bilingual (Latin/English) Hardcover Editions of Aquinas -- Update

As many readers will already know, The Aquinas Institute for the Study of Sacred Doctrine, headquartered in lovely Lander, Wyoming, still nurtures the ambition -- with the help of Divine Providence and the support of Thomists (and other people who still read books) -- of publishing the Complete Works of the Angelic Doctor in a uniform, hardcover, bilingual edition. Lest this sound like an absurd prospect, it seemed a good time to issue a reminder of the volumes already produced (and ALWAYS in print!) as well as volumes currently in production or in the final stages of editing.

vol. 13 -- Summa theologiae, Prima Pars, qq. 1-49
vol. 14 -- Summa theologiae, Prima Pars, qq. 50-119
vol. 15 -- Summa theologiae, Prima Secundae, qq. 1-70
vol. 16 -- Summa theologiae, Prima Secundae, qq. 71-114
vol. 17 -- Summa theologiae, Secunda Secundae, qq. 1-91
vol. 18 -- Summa theologiae, Secunda Secundae, qq. 92-189
vol. 19 -- Summa theologiae, Tertia Pars, qq. 1-59
vol. 20 -- Summa theologiae, Tertia Pars, qq. 60-90
vol. 33 -- Commentary on Matthew 1-12
vol. 34 -- Commentary on Matthew 13-28
vol. 35 -- Commentary on John 1-8
vol. 36 -- Commentary on John 9-21
vol. 37 -- Commentary on Romans
vol. 38 -- Commentary on 1 & 2 Corinthians
vol. 39 -- Commentary on Galatians & Ephesians
vol. 40 -- Commentary on Phil, Col, 1-2 Thess, 1-2 Tim, Titus, Philemon
vol. 41 -- Commentary on Hebrews

(These volumes are available at Amazon either singly or as sets: the Summa theologiae; the Matthew & John; the Pauline letters.)

vol. 7 -- Commentary on the Sentences IV, dd. 1-13
vol. 8 -- Commentary on the Sentences IV, dd. 14-25
vol. 9 -- Commentary on the Sentences IV, dd. 26-42
vol. 10 -- Commentary on the Sentences IV, dd. 43-50
vol. 11 -- Summa contra gentiles I-II
vol. 12 -- Summa contra gentiles III-IV
vol. 21 -- Supplement to the Summa theologiae (part 1)
vol. 22 -- Supplement to the Summa theologiae (part 2)
vol. 32 -- Commentary on Job

Of these, the one closest to completion is the Job commentary, which we are very excited about. To anticipate some other likely questions:

(1) We have a three-year grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities to complete a translation of Book IV of Aquinas's Sentences commentary, with introduction and notes. This project is humming along nicely, and, unsurprisingly, dovetails nicely with the edition of the Summa Supplement that we will be rolling out, for those who want to be able to refer to the latter. It will soon be possible to consult easily the original setting from which all the text of the Supplement was lifted almost verbatim, namely, Super IV Sententiarum, which will include a clear chart of the correspondences between the two works.

(2) We do intend to move ahead into Books I, II, and III of the Sentences commentary, as we wrap up Book IV and as more funding becomes available. Indeed, translators are already at work on the translations, but it's a massive project, as anyone who has ever spent time with the Sentences commentary knows.

(3) The Aristotelian commentaries are on the backburner, but we intend to bring those forward as soon as we get some other volumes launched.

(4) Lastly, we print our books in fairly small batches so that we can keep our immediate costs down and, at the same time, make corrections of typos or mistranslations that we discover or others bring to our attention. (Our translations have mostly been obtained from public domain sources and, as readers of the familiar English Dominican edition are aware, these translations are not free of all flaws.) Our goal is to improve these books with persistence so that they will remain not only the most attractive and convenient editions but will become the most accurate and authoritative.

We do rely on people like you buying these books, spreading knowledge of them, recommending them to professors or scholars, ordering them for courses or bookshops, and, in general, helping us to stay in business so that we can continue the publishing project for many, many years to come. Thanks and God Bless!