Nouvelle Revue Théologique1958-2003 free!

I stumbled across this last week. The Nouvelle Revue Théologique, published by the Institut d’Études Théologiques (Society of Jesus) in Brussels, has made all of its issues from 1958 to 2003 available for free download at its website. Readers of may be especially interested in three articles by Fr. Pinckaers that appeared in NRT during these years: “Recherche de la signification véritable du terme ‘spéculatif’" (1959); “La vertu est tout autre chose qu'une habitude” (1960); “‘Une morale pour notre temps.’ À propos d'un livre récent” (1966).

A list of all the authors who have published between 1958 and 2014 can be found here. There is a drop-down box on this page that says (naturally enough) "All the authors." Click on it. Clicking on the names of any of the authors that are displayed will then take you to a page that will give you a list of links to the articles that they have published between 1958 and 2014 (but remember that only 1958-2003 is free).