Riccardo Quinto (1961–2014)

In from Magdalena Bieniak (Warsaw, Poland) is the shocking news that the great Italian medievalist, Riccardo Quinto, has died. Riccardo was a champion of early 13th-century thought, especially Stephan Langton, and encouraged many of his students to pursue other early 13th-century figures (as Bieniak does with Hugh of St. Cher, OP).

Those who study Thomas Aquinas directly might not have come across the prolific work of Riccardo Quinto, but as a long-time professor in medieval philosophy at the University of Padova he is known by his first name alone in medieval philosophy circles: "Riccardo will know." This is a truly sad day.

His funeral was today, Monday, August 4, 2014, in the Italian city of Conegliano (Veneto), in the San Pio X Church.