Theological Studies giving away PDF content for free

The US Jesuit-sponsored journal, Theological Studies, home to many articles on Thomas Aquinas, has changed its publisher. It is now published by SAGE Journals, and SAGE is marking this new relationship with a promotion of giving away all content in the journal for free until May 1, 2014. This promotion includes not only articles dating back to the 1940's, during the journal's first decade, but includes also articles published within the past five years—it it unusual for a journal to give away such content, which it usually embargoes until it is a tad dated.

So head over to the journal and punch in names like Christopher Kaczor, Gregory LaNave, Thomas Ryan, Carlos Leget, Thomas O'Meara, OP, and others. Bernard Lonergan's epic articles from the 1940's are available, too. All the articles are searchable and have DOI numbers. And you can download the full citation for an article, including its abstract, into your favorite bibliography program.

The journal has also reworked its website: