A site devoted to Charles De Koninck

Some recent reading had me reflecting upon the history of Thomism and of the various Thomisms, and in listing them in my mind I of course included River Forest Thomism—yesterday was the 30th anniversary of the passing of my beloved James A. Weisheipl, OP—a type of Thomism dear to me.

For a moment I had forgotten all about Laval Thomism until I remembered Ralph McInerny and his intellectual journey, key moments of which were at the feet of Charles De Koninck in Laval. De Koninck, like Weisheipl, died far too early, and since he died at age 59 in 1965 his name and work are all but forgotten these days, in part because a good number of his writing is in French.

But no more. Simple searching on the net turned up a site entirely devoted to De Koninck's writings, with many of them being translated into English. He was a prodigious writer, so you are sure to discover something on the site of interest to you.

And shame on me for forgetting, if but a moment, his lasting contribution to Thomism.