Scholarships to Aquinas Institute events at Blackfriars (March 3–8, 2015)

In from William E. Carroll at the Aquinas Institute of Blackfriars in Oxford, England:

Opportunity for doctoral students of Theology, Philosophy or Medieval Studies to attend Aquinas Institute events at Blackfriars.

A grant from the Earhart Foundation enables Blackfriars Hall to offer this opportunity for doctoral students studying the thought of Thomas Aquinas to come to Oxford from 3rd to 8th March 2015.

Those chosen will be able to attend seminars and lectures at Oxford, including the Aquinas Seminar on the afternoon of Thursday 5th March and the day-long Aquinas Colloquium on Saturday 7th March, both at Blackfriars. The students will have the opportunity to meet scholars at Oxford and to discuss their own work with colleagues. Those chosen as Earhart Scholars will receive funds to cover travel costs to and from Oxford, and a stipend for living expenses during their stay in Oxford. 

To apply to be an Earhart Scholar, send a letter of enquiry detailing your research interests in Thomas Aquinas, and your curriculum vitae; you should also ask an academic adviser to send an e-mail in support of your application. The application should be sent by e-mail to

This sure looks like a great opportunity for learning—and CV-building!