NCBQ Issue Devoted to the Critique of the New Natural Law Theory Available for Download

As earlier noted, the Spring 2013 issue of the National Catholic Bioethics Quarterly is a special issue devoted to criticism of the New Natural Law Theory (NNLT) for which I was given the honor of being named guest editor. Notwithstanding the clear desire of the NNLT authors—e.g., Germain Grisez, John Finnis, Robert George, and other prominent proponents—to serve the Church, the special issue of the NCBQ outlines areas of grave concern regarding the NNLT in itself, its practical implications, and in its opposition to the traditional Thomistic understanding central to the moral magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church. This issue is now available for free download. The table of contents; my brief introduction to the entire issue; essays by Fulvio di Blasi, Matthew B. O’Brien, Michael Pakaluk, and Edward Feser; articles by Rev. Kevin L. Flannery, SJ, myself, and John Goyette—indeed the entire contents of the issue—are now available for free download from the National Catholic Bioethics Quarterly here.