Garrigou-Lagrange bibliography online

Benedetto Zorcolo’s 1965 bibliography of his fellow Dominican Réginald Garrigou-Lagrange is available online at the Internet Archive. The bibliography, which runs 72 pages, was originally published in vol. 42 of the Angelicum. I am unaware of a more up-to-date or more complete bibliography but I would be glad to hear from readers who are.

In his introductory notes Zorcolo says that his work builds upon the 1937 bibliography, also published in the Angelicum, put together by Pio Ramirez and students of studium generale of Le Saulchoir (which, I believe, was still in Belgium at that time).

Zorcolo divides the bibliography into four categories: (a) books (Zorcolo writes “Opere”), (b) articles, (c) book reviews, and (d) prefaces.

He also includes in the bibliography the known translations of Garrigou-Lagrange’s writings at that time.

The quality of the scan is somewhat poor but if you use the zoom function, you should be able to read it without trouble.