Discounts and new texts from Critical Reprints

The proprietors of Critical Reprints, which produces reprints of Latin editions of important texts by Aquinas, Albertus Magnus, et al. through, have asked us to let our readers know about some coupons Lulu is offering through Dec. 15. Here are the coupon codes:

FREESHIP (free shipping through Dec. 15)

HOLIDAY25 (25% off through Dec. 15 on up to 14 books)

They have also forwarded us the below information about new texts and a giveaway.


New Reprints!

Critical Reprints is pleased to bring you several reprints of important scholarly texts from Thomas Aquinas, Alexander of Hales, and Albert the Great!

In addition to the many reprints of Thomas Aquinas we already stock (like the Leonine Summa theologiae and Summa contra Gentiles), we are now offering:

In addition to the reprints connected with Alexander of Hales we already stock (the whole Summa fratris Alexandri), we are now offering:

We've also added:

Quodlibetal Giveaway (Advent 2013)

For this holiday season, we are inaugurating our first semiannual Quodlibetal GiveawayQuodlibet means "whatever", and in the Middle Ages, magistri would hold seminannual quodlibetal questions in Advent and Easter, where anyone could ask whatever of the masters. Here at Critical Reprints, we're doing our own take on the medieval quodlibet, by giving you an opportunity to win one critical reprint from whatever we reprint every Advent and Easter.