Theological Studies web site updated

The website for the journal, Theological Studies, has been completedly revamped, both for a better look and feel and to be “responsive” (ut dicunt) to various devices. The site renders well on computers, smartphones (like the iPhone or even iPod touch), and tablet devices (such as the iPad or Samsung’s Galaxy Tab).

Most important for viewers here at is the fact that the entire run of the journal, save for articles published in the last five years, is now fully available for PDF download, via the site’s searchable catalog of past articles (going back to its first year of publication, 1940). As visitors to will know, Theological Studies is primarily a journal for contemporary academic theology, primarily systematic and moral (with occasional historical appearances, too). But articles on Thomas Aquinas directly do appear, and often articles are written with some invocation of Thomas’s doctrine on this or that. Don’t hesitate to visit the site at to search by author’s name, or keywords in article titles, to find something that aids your research.

The site also now sports a Twitter account (, as well as an RSS feed (via Feedburner).