New reprints of St. Thomas


I just received the new reprint of the Summa Contra Gentiles, Editio Leonina Manualis, from  I was looking for a copy of the SCG that I could easily fit into a briefcase or backpack, where I could read through it at odd moments.  For the ST, when travelling, I prefer the BAC edition, because the Marietti is heavier.  Although this reprinted SCG edition feels a lot more like the Marietti ones, it still is portable.  I was worried about the legibility and quality.  The binding is a lot like dissertation bindings.  The print quality is like a very good scan.  I have read the first 30 pages without a problem.  Sometimes the horizontals are slightly curved, especially in towards the binding.  The Table of Contents is very light.  It is simply a reproduction of the original printing.  It is pleasant to read and serves my purposes, especially since I can’t get used to reading directly from .pdfs or computer screens, and my German-Latin bilingual SCG is too heavy for planes, waiting rooms, etc.