The journal formerly known as The Modern Schoolman...

is now Res Philosophica. A new website recounts the journal’s early connection with the Scholastic tradition:

The journal was established as The Modern Schoolman in 1925 by the Jesuit Scholastics of the Philosophy Department of Saint Louis University, and was described as the “Bulletin of the Philosophy Seminar of Saint Louis University.” It was a monthly publication of “articles, reviews, items of news and interest” in order to give “some expression in a simple way to the great truths of Scholasticism.”  Throughout its history it has maintained a deep connection to the Scholastic tradition  […].  The November 1933 issue described the journal as “a means of becoming better acquainted with Scholasticism and the principles it champions.” In the November 1954 issue, the journal began describing itself as “a quarterly journal of philosophy, dedicated to furthering the work begun by the great Schoolmen of the Middle Ages.” 

The journal publishes broadly now and seeks to publish “in all areas of philosophy.” In an article titled “An Editor’s Farewell,” William C. Charron notes that in the journal’s history “illustrious contributors include Jacques Maritain, Etienne Gilson, Joseph Owens, Vernon J. Bourke” among others.

The new name change will take effect with volume 90 (2013).