Publishing the Works of St. Thomas Aquinas just received this exciting message from Dr. Peter Kwasniewski of Wyoming Catholic College: 

The Aquinas Institute for the Study of Sacred Doctrine is pleased to announce the publication this summer of St. Thomas’s Commentaries on the Letters of Paul.  This publication brings all the great Pauline commentaries together for the first time in a uniform hardcover bilingual edition, with Latin and English in parallel columns.  Visit our website to view PDFs of sample pages and to read more about this and other projects under way.

Between now and July 16, The Aquinas Institute is offering you an opportunity to buy, at a discount rate, the Commentary on Romans, or the entire set of Pauline commentaries, or even to reserve your copy of other works nearing completion: the Summa theologiae, the Commentary on John, and the Commentary on Matthew.  Click here for more information. 

All publications from The Aquinas Institute will feature the same outstanding qualities:

     -the best base texts available, in Latin and in English, reviewed for accuracy by a team of scholars

     -elegant and readable typeface

     -user-friendly layout

     -thick paper, suitable for writing notes on

     -strong hardcover binding

     -affordable pricing, including bulk discounts for classrooms