Leonine Edition of the Summa Theologiae and Contra Gentiles Now Available as Reprints

A new micro-publishing project called Critical Reprints has made vols. 4-16 of the Leonine critical edition of the works of St. Thomas available once more. These volumes include the text of the Summa Theologiae (vols. 4-12), the Contra Gentiles (vols. 13-15), and the indices to both Summae (vol. 16). The volumes can be purchased individually online at the reprint service Lulu.com.

Critical Reprints is running a 10% off sale on the Leonine volumes during the Easter season, which I assume means that you can get the discount through Pentecost, which falls on May 27 this year. So, if you are interested, now would seem a good time to make your purchase.

You can find out more about the Leonine volumes and Critical Reprints itself at the project’s website. Here is the Critical Reprints’ “mission statement”:

Critical Reprints is a new endeavor, which aims to make out-of-print editions of scholarly works available at an affordable price. For decades, scholars of philosophy and theology, particularly those concerned with the Middle Ages, have had to search for a library or pay large sums in order to get scholarly editions of the works they study. By reprinting these works through Lulu.com, Critical Reprints aims to alleviate that burden, by making the works widely and inexpensively available.

Critical Reprints differs from other book printing services, because it does not simply feed online books into a printer. Each book is individually prepared for republication; there will not be any blank or missing pages (as sometimes happens with automatic reprints from Google Books, for example), and every effort is made to ensure consistent quality throughout each of the books reprinted.

The goal of Critical Reprints is to be of real service to the scholarly community. If there is something you want to see reprinted, let us know at info@criticalreprints.com.

Sounds like a noble undertaking. We wish Critical Reprints the best and look forward to seeing what other treasures of the past they place in our hands in the future.