Happy Feast of St. Thomas Aquinas, Again

On January 28 I wished our readers a happy feast day as it was Aquinas’s liturgical feast according to the calendar of Paul VI. But, as I also noted in that post, March 7 is Aquinas’s feast day on the old calendar. Since both calendars are in force in the Roman Rite I see no reason why we cannot celebrate Aquinas’s liturgical feast twice.

In the past Aquinas’s feast was observed on March 7, the day on which he died in 1274 at the abbey of Fossanova, where he had stopped after taking ill on his way with Reginald of Piperno to the second Council of Lyons.

It should be mentioned that January 28 is also a significant date. Aquinas’s relics were translated to the Dominican church in Toulouse on that date in 1369.