Two New Articles on Fifteenth-Century Thomism in Cologne

It is interesting to me that the most recent issue of RTPM has two articles about Albertism and Thomism in fifteenth-century Cologne.  Silvia Negri has one called “The Traps of Realism: The Debate over Universals in the Fifteenth Century and the Thomists of Cologne.”  She focuses on the Thomists Henry of Gorkum (d. 1431) and Gerard de Monte (d. 1480).  Another article by Mario Melliado is “Scientia peripateticorum. Heymericus de Campo, the Book of Causes, and the Debate over Universals in the Fifteenth Century.”  Although the article is mostly about Hermericus’ anti-Thomistic polemics, there is a discussion of Gerard’s response.