Who is in a Drama Requires a Shepherd

Very happy to be corrected in substance (chiefly) or in detail.

  • Thesis: If “they” Really undergo dramatic development, if “they” constitute an event, if the “ever - greater” is truly predicable of them vis-a-vis each other, then “they are not God.” 
    • Who is in a drama unfolds
    • But what unfolds is in the horizon of potentiality.
    • But precisely that which is in the horizon of potentiality is ens commune. For “ens commune” identifies all actual finite being, and all that can unfold and develope is actual finite being.
    • That is, the proper mark of ens commune is that being can be added thereto – more without limit. That is what it is to be in the horizon of potentiality. It is being bounded by possible being, so to speak.
      • §  Consider time, a feature of material ens commune. Our “now” is bounded by a future.
      • §  Consider space, another feature of material ense commune. Our universe is “bounded” by possible expansion. Place and body go together; so, we cannot say there is place where there is no body. Thus, the outer ‘space’ of the universe ends where bodies in place end. Nonetheless, we can “imagine” place beyond the space bordering body. That is, we can imagine the universe expanding.
    • Similarly, if God is in potency, he is thus bounded by possibility, together with other entities. For everything bounded by possibility is in ens commune and what is in ens commune is beings among beings. So, the “they” of God’s Triune Nature would be beings among beings.
    • Further, nothing that is bounded by possibility can shepherd over all possibility. Therefore, God could not be our adequate shepherd.
    • Unless there is such a shepherd, then ‘fortuna’ rules. If ‘fortuna’ rules, we should rather be tragic in our existence than comedic. That is, we would have no one in whom to trust with certainty.
    • Again, if there is no such shepherd over ens commune, then if things are unfolding, being is coming from non-being. And if this is possible, by what principle would we trace a necessary dependence of other finite entities upon God-thus-understood?
    • Thus, by rendering God to be thus, we remove or minimize his interiority to the being of other finite entities.
    • And alas, we are on a journey to what?
    • Conclusion: Drama without End is Nihilism.