Weisheipl's Commentary on the Posterior Analytics Online

I was just looking again at my poorly reproduced copy of Weisheipl’s notes on Aristotelian Methodology, and decided to look for a cleaner copy online.  There is a redone copy here, with clearer marks and divisions: http://pvspade.com/Logic/docs/Weisheipl.pdf.  The formatting is improved so that it is easier to read. 

There are a few ways in which it is still helpful to look at the old versions that circulate around.  The schematic representations do not seem to be reproduced.  For example, in the old version there is a schematic representation of the “principia immediata syllogismi” which is not reproduced in the online version.  The online version lacks the Appendices.  I wonder if Weisheipl made different versions of this, and would like to know more about what the history is.