Interesting News from Northern Colorado

I assume that few of our readers have ever tried out for a job as a sports announcer. I could be wrong.

But suppose you were in this situation and were asked just to make up a narrative on the spot of an imaginary athletic event. What might be some names of players that you might make up as you’re calling this imaginary game? Joe DiMaggio, Hank Aaron, Ty Cobb are names that might come to mind if you’re a baseball fan like me. Football fans might think of names like Roger Staubach or Lynn Swann I suppose.

A couple weeks ago the University of Northern Colorado held tryouts for a new public address announcer. Apparently one of the hopefuls for the position, Arnie Guin, was asked to do exactly what I just mentioned, call an imaginary game. What was the first name that came to Mr. Guin’s mind as he was trying to show off his stuff?

Thomas Aquinas.

Who would have thought? Perhaps no one was more surprised by the name of Mr. Guin’s imaginary athlete than Mr. Guin himself. Below is an excerpt from an article on the tryouts at UNC published in the Greeley Tribune, the local paper.

Even Arnie Guin couldn’t believe he said it as the words came tumbling off his tongue.

“And that was a 45-yard touchdown run from Thomas Aquinas,” echoed the voice of Guin through an empty Nottingham Field on Thursday.

Yes, the same St. Thomas Aquinas that was a renowned theologian and philosopher in the 13th century. It just happened to be the first name that popped into Guin’s mind as he participated in an open tryout to be the next voice of the University of Northern Colorado Bears.

UNC held the open tryouts Thursday for a public address announcer at UNC sporting events this season. Although only three participants showed up for the tryouts, they exuded tons of energy and enthusiasm as they tried out for the job by reading a prepared script by the UNC marketing department and then getting a chance to do their own little ad-lib at the end to show off their own unique style.

Guin, 45, rolled through the script like a veteran, but when it came to the ad-lib on the touchdown call, the only name he could think of was that of Aquinas.

“Right after I said it was one of those ‘Oh, no, where did that come from,” Guin said.

Actually, it made perfect sense when you consider that Guin is the campus pastor for Dayspring Christian Academy. His son, Seth, a basketball player at Dayspring Christian Academy saw the announcement for the tryouts while searching for UNC basketball season tickets online and encouraged his dad to try out.