American Catholic Philosophical Association Annual Meeting on “Science, Reason and Religion” (October 28-30, 2011)

This year the ACPA meeting will be in St. Louis, on the theme “Science, Reason and Religion,” hosted by St. Louis University. The conference program and satellite session schedule are now online. The Aquinas Medal will be awarded to Jorge J. E. Gracia, who will present “Does Philosophy Have a Role to Play in Contemporary Society? The Challenges of Science and Culture.” The four plenary speakers are: 

  • John Cottingham, “Confronting the Cosmos: Scientific Rationality and Human Understanding.”
  • Michael Ruse, “Making Room for Faith: Does Science Have Limits?”
  • John F. Haught, “Darwin, Faith and Critical Intelligence.”
  • Dominic J. Balestra, “Galileo’s Legacy: Getting the Relationship In-Between Scientism and Literalism Right.” 

As usual, there will be several talks on the philosophical thought of Aquinas in the program and satellite sessions. Registration information for the conference can be found here.