A new and welcome edition of Aquinas' "De Unione Verbi Incarnati" is now available

Students and scholars interested in Medieval Christology, Aquinas’ theology of the hypostatic union, and the hotly debated question of Christ’s esse will welcome the new volume prepared by Prof. Klaus Obenauer of the University of Bonn. Thomas von Aquin: Quaestio disputata ›De unione Verbi incarnati‹ (Frommann-holzboog: 2011, ISBN: 978-3-7728-2563-7) includes a new critical Latin text prepared by Walter Senner, Barbara Bartocci, and Obenauer, as well as a German translation and a formidable 500+ page commentary by Prof. Obenauer.

The Leonine Commission has yet to prepare its own edition of the De Unione so the critical Latin text alone—not to mention the massive commentary—makes this volume a noteworthy contribution to Medieval and Thomistic studies.

My own initial examination indicates a number of interesting and (at times) substantial differences between the new critical text and the text used in the Marietti edition. In case any of you are curious: the oft-quoted and frequently debated “esse secundarium” remains in the body of the fourth article.