Festschrift for Msgr. John F. Wippel: The Science of Being as Being

CUA Press has just released a Festschrift for Msgr. John F. Wippel titled The Science of Being as Being: Metaphysical Investigations edited by Gregory T. Doolan. From the publisher’s blurb:

Scholars present studies on key philosophical and historical issues in the field. Though varied, the investigations address three major metaphysical themes: the subject matter of metaphysics, metaphysical aporiae, and philosophical theology.

Contributors are Robert Sokolowski, Dominic O’Meara, Jan A. Aertsen, Andreas Speer, Gregory T. Doolan, Jorge Gracia, James Ross, Stephen F. Brown, John F. Wippel, Brian J. Shanley, Eleonore Stump, and Marilyn McCord Adams. The publisher’s page is here. The papers in this volume were first presented as lectures at CUA’s School of Philosophy. Videos of the 2008 lectures by Brown, O’Meara, Ross, Shanley, Sokolowski, and Speer are online.