New book on Aquinas and the Passions: The Logic of Desire by Nicholas Lombardo, O.P.

CUA Press is pleased to announce publication of The Logic of Desire: Aquinas on Emotionby Nicholas Lombardo, O.P.  The book is a critical study of Aquinas’s account of emotion and its enduring relevance. It is also a winner of the 2011 John Templeton Award for Theological Promise. Here’s a scrape:

When Thomas Aquinas completed his Treatise on the Passions, it was likely the longest sustained discussion of the emotions ever written. His influence on medieval and early modern philosophy was enormous, overshadowing every other medieval author on the topic of emotion. Although Aquinas’s account of emotion merits attention for its historical significance and enduring value, it remains neglected by philosophers and theologians.

CUA Press has provided a PDF for your perusal.