Follow-ups to Thomistic Commentators on-line

The post on “Thomistic Commentators online” drew some cheerful, immediate response. First, Fr Nicholas Austin, SJ, sent the following:

Following your post on the Thomistic commentators online, you and your readers may be interested to know that most of the Leonine edition of St Thomas’ Opera Omnia is online.  All of the Summa Theologiae volumes except one are present, together, of course, with Cardinal Cajetan’s famous commentary.  Some of the other volumes are also there.

To access the volumes, simply go to the following website and type into the search engine the words “opera omnia iussu leonis”.

Thanks, Father, for this helpful contribution; not having online access to Cajetan’s commentary would have been a loss, indeed.

Second, Meg Keller of Alexander Street Press (the people I mentioned in that early post), wrote me with a special offers for visitors to

Many thanks for the mention of Alexander Street’s theology resources. We’re happy to offer your readers free access to all three online theology collections through the month of August at the following URLs (see username and password below): 

USERNAME: thomistica

PASSWORD: alexanderstreet

Inquires from libraries regarding pricing or trial access should go to:

It’s great to have such an informed and responsive readership!