On Love and Charity: a translation of Aquinas

Peter A. Kwasniewski, Thomas Bolin, O.S.B., and Joseph Bolin, have collaborated to produce a book of translations and notes on St Thomas's teaching on love and charity, as found in his scriptum on the Sentences. Published by CUA Press, here is an abbreviated description:

The Commentary on the Sentences of Peter Lombard has suffered almost total neglect among translators. Such neglect is surprising, considering that the massive Commentary is not only Aquinas's first systematic engagement with all the philosophical and theological topics on which he expended his energy over the span of a short career but is also characterized by an exuberance and elaborateness seldom found in his subsequent writings. The present volume, containing all the major texts on love and charity, makes available what is by far the most extensive translation ever to be made from the Commentary with the added benefit that the better part of the translation is based on the (as yet unpublished) critical edition of the Leonine Commission. The collection of texts from all four books has a tight thematic coherence that makes it invaluable to students of Thomas's moral philosophy, moral theology, and philosophical theology. In addition, the inclusion of parallel texts from Aquinas's first (Parisian) Commentary as well as from his second (Roman) attempt at a commentary--the recently rediscovered Lectura Romana--makes this edition all the more valuable for those who wish to track the internal development of Thomas's thinking.

The printed volume is supplemented by a web-based document containing a fuller introduction, "webnotes," and a bibliography, which you can get here.


Mark Johnson

Mark Johnson is an associate professor of Theology at Marquette University, and founded thomistica.net on Squarespace in November of 2004. He studied with James Weisheipl, Leonard Boyle, Walter Principe, and Lawrence Dewan, at the Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies (Toronto, Canada).