Leonine Commission links on the Dominican History Lectures

The site mentioned in my previous post also has other links of interest to the Thomas-scholar, such as a link on John of Vercelli (who was Master General of the Dominicans during Thomas’s lifetime), on the Doors of Santa Sabina in Rome (where Thomas lived in the middle-1260’s), and a general introduction to Dominic and the Dominican Order.

But the site also sports two videos of direct interest to Thomas-scholars interested in the state of Thomas’s texts (and therefore interested in the Leonine Commission). The first video (just below) is of Fr Hinnebusch explaining the history and nature of the Commission.

Fr Pawel Krupa, OP, of the Leonine Commission also has a video about the Leonine Commission (actually, it’s an audio interview with some pictures). It’s in French.


Mark Johnson

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