A Thomistic Internet domain name to become available

I've owned the Internet domain name "thomistica.net" for about ten years, and have also owned the name "thomistica.com" (but no longer) and "thomistica.org" (not for long!). I will not be renewing my ownership of this latter name when it is scheduled to lapse in early 2010. Enrique Alarcon's wonderful Thomistica: An International Yearbook of Thomistic Bibliography is located at http://thomistica.info. The top-level domain (TLD) of ".org" is not what I am attempting to do here at thomistica.net, so it does not make sense to keep it.

So might you want the Internet domain name "thomistica.org"? Please let me know, and we can make arrangements.


Mark Johnson

Mark Johnson is an associate professor of Theology at Marquette University, and founded thomistica.net on Squarespace in November of 2004. He studied with James Weisheipl, Leonard Boyle, Walter Principe, and Lawrence Dewan, at the Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies (Toronto, Canada).