Aquinas on the Emotions: A Religious-Ethical Inquiry—by Diana Fritz Cates

This in from Georgetown University Press:

Greetings from Georgetown University Press! I want to let you know about a brand new book we’ve just published: Aquinas on the Emotion: A Religious-Ethical Inquiry by Diana Fritz Cates.

Cates shows how emotions are composed as embodied mental states. She identifies various factors, including religious beliefs, intuitions, images, and questions that can affect the formation and the course of a person’s emotions. She attends to the appetitive as well as the cognitive dimensions of emotion, both of which Aquinas interprets with flexibiity. The result is a powerful study of Aquinas that is also a resource for readers who want to understand and cultivate the emotional dimension of their lives.

To read more about the book and see what other scholars in the field are saying about it, please visit our website at:

Georgetown University Press has also kindly provided a discount code for 30% off the cost of the book, for use on their website. Follow the link above, and use the discount code of M46 at check-out time.

PS: The publication of this book sets up an unexpected competition with a similar book, recently published by Robert Miner, reported in September. It will be fun to read the two, side-by-side.


Mark Johnson

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