Reading Romans with St. Thomas Aquinas: Conference line-up

Wow. If you are lucky enough to be attending Ave Maria University's upcoming conference, "Reading Romans with St. Thomas Aquinas (February 5-7, 2009)," you are in for a theological (and philosophical) feast. The conference:

…[i]n accord with the current interest in theological exegesis and the history of exegesis…investigates Aquinas's Lectures on Romans in hopes of understanding what Aquinas can teach contemporary Christians about the realities that Paul, and the Holy Spirit, sought to convey.

Here is the speaker and paper line-up for the conference:

  • Robert Louis Wilken (University of Virginia): "Origen, Augustine and Thomas: Interpreters of Paul's Letters to the Romans"
  • Charles Raith II (Ave Maria University):"Portraits of Paul: Aquinas and Calvin on Romans 7:14-25"
  • Hans Boersma (Regent College): "Ressourcement of Mystery: The Ecclesiology of Thomas Aquinas and the Letter to the Romans"
  • Matthew Levering (Ave Maria University): "Aquinas on Romans 8: Predestination in Context"
  • Holly Taylor Coolman (Boston College): "Romans 9-11: Re-reading Aquinas on the Jews"
  • Bruce Marshall (Southern Methodist University): "Beatus vir: The Role of 'Reckoning' in Justification"
  • Markus Bockmuehl (Oxford University): "Aquinas on Abraham in Romans 4"
  • Patrick Henry Reardon (All Saints Antiochan Orthodox Church): "Romans 11: Hermeneutics and Salvation History"
  • Geoffrey Wainwright (Duke University Divinity School:) "Rendering God's Glory: St. Paul and St. Thomas on Worship"
  • Michael Sherwin, O.P. (University of Fribourg): "The love poured into our hearts: Aquinas's Interpretation of the Pauline conception of love."
  • Edgardo Colón-Emeric (Duke University Divinity School): "Aquinas' Theology of Preaching in the Commentary on Romans: A Lascasian Application"
  • Leo Elders, S.V.D. (Rolduc Seminary): "St. Paul on Man's Natural Knowledge of God: Romans 1:18-32 according to the commentary of St. Thomas Aquinas"
  • Scott Hahn (Franciscan University of Steubenville): "Sacrifice and the Spirit of Sonship"
  • Bernhard Blankenhorn O.P. (University of Fribourg): "St. Paul's Flesh/Spirit Anthropology"
  • Mary Healy (Sacred Heart Major Seminary): "Aquinas' use of the Old Testament in the Commentary on Romans"
  • Emmanuel Perrier O.P. (Dominican Studium): "The Filial Economy of Grace"
  • John Boyle (University of St. Thomas): "The Consideration of Grace in St. Thomas' Commentary on the Epistle to the Romans"
  • Michael Root (Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary): "The Christian in Binocular Vision: Aquinas and Melanchthon on Romans."
  • Paul Keller O.P. (Franciscan University of Steubenville): "St. Thomas on Sacraments in Romans"
  • Adam Cooper (John Paul II Institute for Marriage and Family): "Degrading the Body, Suppressing the Truth: Aquinas on Romans 1:18-25"
  • David S. Yeago (Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary): "Fides Formata and Pauline Theology in St. Thomas"
  • Gregory Vall (Ave Maria University): "Sonship and Glory in Romans"
  • Michael Waldstein (Max Seckler Professor of Theology, Ave Maria University): "The Trinitarian, Spousal and Ecclesial Logic of Justification"

James Keating (Providence College), Jeremy Holmes (Wyoming Catholic College), Thomas Joseph White O.P. (Dominican House of Studies), Jörgen Vijgen (Rolduc Seminary), Daria Lucas (University of Notre Dame), Paul Gondreau (Providence College), Mark Johnson (Marquette University), and Robert Barry (Providence College), will serve as moderators of the sessions.


Mark Johnson

Mark Johnson is an associate professor of Theology at Marquette University, and founded on Squarespace in November of 2004. He studied with James Weisheipl, Leonard Boyle, Walter Principe, and Lawrence Dewan, at the Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies (Toronto, Canada).