More like Riviste on line

A follow-up to the post on the Riviste on line. This is probably common knowledge, but the Portal du Réseau, Maisons des Sciences de l’Homme is another such (but more international) source, i.e. one that “indexes” a number of journals of interest to Thomists:

Go here to see the long list of journals covered, and to select those whose tables of contents you wish to receive on a regular basis via e-mail:

There are other such, of course, some with “current awareness” services and some without, e.g. the Universitätbibliothek Tübingen’s Index Theologicus (, COMPLUDOC (, DIALNET (, and so forth.  And some of these, too, “index” at least some of the journals of interest to Thomists.  Hopefully they haven’t all been mentioned here already.